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Beautica Nails & Spa | 17 Webster Sq | Marshfield, MA 02050 | (781) 834-2179
skin care
all facials include a thorough skin analysis, the three basic yet fundamental skin care regimen that includes cleansing, toning, and exfoliating; steam, manual extraction (not included in European Facials), and a customized mask (not included in European Facials). all facials are followed by a head, neck, and shoulder massage. a series of six facials can be pre-purchased at the sixth $15 off.
beautica's customized facial $ 75
(relax, rejuvenate, reward yourself with our exclusively yours customized facial from start to finish tailoring your treatment needs)
european facial $ 65
(a great introduction to the basic skin care regimen that features deep pore cleansing w/ light exfoliation and steam)
teen facial $ 55
(tailoring the individual teen's need w/ specialized treatment & proper skin care education)
anti-aging facial $ 80
(infusing the skin w/ vitamin C serum to hydrate, brighten, and soften fine lines and wrinkles)
thermoplastic facial $ 70
(say Bye-Bye! to dry skin while relaxing under warm paraffin that helps to increase circulation as well as soothe and soften skin)
acne facial $ 65
(a deep-pore cleansing treatment aimed to reduce oil production to make those papules and pustules disappear!)
glycolic treatment $ 35
(enjoy attractive, youthful, and glowing rejuvenated skin with our machine-less resurfacing peel without that expensive, abrasive, and daunting microdermabrasion treatment)
relaxing back facial $ 60
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Beautica Nails & Spa | 17 Webster Sq | Marshfield, MA 02050 | (781) 834-2179
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